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Hreggnasi Angling club

Fly fishing in Iceland
We are a small group of people that love fishing for Atlantic Salmon. Our club is the leaseholder of some of the world’s best salmon rivers, and we offer a full-service experience - focused on the best service and hospitality.

Our rivers

Laxá í Kjós

The Laxa in Kjos is the centerpiece of one of the most stunning glacially-forged valleys in southern Iceland. A narrow upper canyon splays into a gentle, peaceful, arable valley before cascading down the final falls and pools into the sea.


The Grimsa is a medium-sized river in the midwest region of Borgarfjordur, which is Iceland's most prolific Salmon area. Often referred to as “The Queen of Rivers”, it is an important and impressive river.


Svalbardsa is in the very north-east corner of Iceland in some of the most beautiful scenery in all the island.


Brynjudalsá is a charming little river in only about 40 minutes drive from Reykjavík. The river has a good stock of salmon and sea-trout.Brynjudalsa is fished with single handed rods, having the salmon close by and usually in full view


Hofsá is yet another glorious northern Iceland salmon river and, again like the Selá, is blessed with the most beautiful fly-fishing water. It is one of Iceland´s most prolific rivers, has seven beats and is perfect for a single or double –handed rods.

Laxá í Dölum

Over the years, Laxá í Dölum’s reputation as one of the great international Atlantic salmon fishing destinations has grown steadily. As its fame grew, it became popular with a priviledged group of famous public figures.


Krossa is an interesting little river, located on the west-coast, in about two hours drive from Reykjavík. The river has a good stock of salmon and despite being a small volume river, Krossa produces some nice size salmon which average 6 pounds.


Hafralonsa is large, remote and demanding river located in the north-east of Iceland. It has a strong reputation and produces some large MSW fish. Deep canyon sections offer very visual fishing in fast and deep pools.

Sea Trout

Laxa in Kjos and Grimsa rivers have a phenomenal run of strong, large sea-trout. Averaging 3 to 5lbs with several fish in the 1–16lbs range they provide fantastic sport. We offer special weeks during the season where we specifically go after sea-trout.


  • We have started!

    Creation Date Friday, 22 June 2018, Author Haraldur Eiríksson

    We are off to a great start.

    Opening days on Laxa in Kjos gave us 36 salmon landed to only 5 rods. The river is in high water but we are still using small flies in sizes 12-14. As a result we are loosing a lot of salmon, but they simply refuse larger flies or tubes.

    Grimsa opened on June 20th with 20 salmon the first day for the 6 rods. 

    On both rivers we have grilse runs in allready, but larger springers amongst the runs. It is specially good to see large salmon in the 6-8 kg range. They are the strongest of all fish. Prospects are good, and we are supposed to have more rain in the coming days.


  • Laxa in Dolum lease agreement extended

    Creation Date Tuesday, 15 May 2018, Author Haraldur Eiríksson

    We are very proud to announce that our lease on the famous Laxa in Dolum has been extended for the years to come.


    There has been movement on the market this winter, and rivers have been changing hands. We are therefore very grateful to keep this fantastic river inside our portfolio, as well to be able to continue our work. The last three years have been very good, with average catch of about 1.400 salmon for 4-6 rods in 90 days. There are not many places where you can enjoy that kind of sport in the world of Atlantic salmon fishing today.


    Long may it continue.

Authorized tour operator in Iceland

Hreggnasi Ltd is trusted, licensed and authorized Icelandic tour operator. The certificate is issued by the Icelandic Tourist Board and is required by law. This is of course a proof and acknowledgement of the quality of our service. However, we recognize that only your experience of the service that we delivery, can bear witness to our quality.


We understand first and foremost that the health of the river and its runs of fish are important. We run our operations according to advise from Scientists of The Institute of Freshwater Fisheries in Iceland. Hreggnasi Ltd is a proud supporter of the Trout and Salmon Association (S&TC), NASF and Atlantic Salmon Trust.

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