Looking back over the 2015 season is quite something. Last season produced 760 landed salmon for 2-3 rods, and only 75 days fished. We had very strong runs of grilse, with average weight of 7 lbs. This is unusual for Svalbardsa, since average weight has often been around 12 lbs.

Multi sea winter salmon were 244 in total, 32.2% of landed fish. We have seen this up to 80% in recent years.

The lowest pools on the river kicked in like never before. Osbreiða (34) and Os(35) produced 143 salmon. Nedri Eyrarhylur(19) produced 130 salmon, Svalbardsselshylur(20) produced 95 salmon, Forseti(17) gave 78 salmon, and Efri Eyrarhylur(18) 65 salmon.

The month of July produced 255 salmon, in August we landed 391 salmon and September 114 salmon. Please note that for half of July and in September we only fished 2 rods. In the light of strong grilse runs last year, we look at 2016 with great expectation, and hope that this coming season will be another year to remember on this amazing river.