Location: 170km from Akureyri.
Season: 1 July - 16th. September.
Prime time: Mid July - late August.
Extent: 17km, double bank, 35 pools.
Average Catch: 5 year, 504 Salmon.
Rods: 2-3.
Guides: Available upon request.
Lodge: Self catering, full service available.
Notes: Catch & release only.


Location: West coast, about two hour drive from Reykjavik.
Season: July 1st -- 25th September.
Prime time: In good height of water!
Extent: 25km, double bank, 33 pools
Average Catches: 5 year average 1.226 salmon
Rods: 4-6.
Guides: Compulsory (2 rods to one guide).
Lodge: Full service or self catering option.
Notes: Guide cost excluded


Location: 70km west of Reykjavik.
Season: 22 June - 24 September.
Prime time: June - mid August.
Extent: 32km, double bank, 66 pools.
Av. Salmon catch: 5 year, 1595 Salmon.
Rods: 8.
Guides: Available.
Lodge: Full service, gourmet meals.
Notes: 69cm and bigger are released.


Location: 35 km. from Reykjavik.
Season: 1 July - 25 September.
Prime time: July and August
Length: 11 km
Average Catch: 5 year, 225 Salmon.
Rods: 2.
Guides: Available.
Lodge: Self catering.Full board can be provided.


Location: 30km from Reykjavik.
Season: 19 June - 1 September.
Prime time: Early July - mid August.
Extent: 25km, double bank, 80 pools.
Average Catches: 5 year 1281.
Rods: 6-10.
Guides: Compulsory (2 rods to one guide).
Lodge: Full service.
Notes: Guide cost excluded


Location: Vopnafjordur - North/east Iceland
Season: June 25th –September 20th.
Prime time: August
Length: 30 km
Average Catch: 5 year, 900 salmon
Rods: 6-7.
Guides: Available.
Lodge: Full board and lodging
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Location: North Iceland.
Season: 24 June - 20 September.
PrimeTime Late July - late August.
Extent: 28km long, double bank, 55 pools.
catch: 40 year, 350 Salmon.
Rods 4-6
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering.
Notes: Fly only.