The Hafralonsa offers 55 named pools over its 28 km length. Below the canyon the valley opens up with tundra like vegetation circled by looming brooding mountains. The river rises at its source in the hills and runs through several kilometres of trout and char fishing before cascading over the stunning upper waterfall. Early in the season the salmon run throughout the river as far as to the top pool, which has a glassy tail to it, offering ideal fish spotting opportunities and testing fly-fishing. Hafralonsa is fished with two to six rods. When fishing the upper canyon and the inland moorlands the rods do not return to the lodge at midday. They go fully equipped with food in the mornings for the whole day and have access to a small lodge high up the river. The pools on Hafralonsa almost invariably lend themselves to the fly. In most cases a plan of attack can be made on the high bank before being carried out at the water’s edge, targeting the most likely fish within the crystal clear pools. This is seriously wild and challenging fishing as it involves a lot of walking and bumping along a rocky path in a 4×4. The salmon are big and there is also some excellent trout and char fishing as well to add a little variety. The river is fly only and strictly catch and release.. The lowest catch was in 1980, 110 fish, but the top is 709 in 1988.
The lowest catch was in 1980, 110 fish, but the top is 709 in 1988.


  • Location:
    North Iceland
  • Season:
    24 June - 20 September.
  • PrimeTime
    Late July - late August.
  • Extent:
    28km long, double bank, 55 pools.
  • Rods
  • Guides:
  • Lodge:
    Self catering.
  • Notes:
    Fly only.