Laxá í dölum


Location: West coast, about two hour drive from Reykjavik.
Season: July 1st -- 25th September.
Prime time: In good height of water! 
Extent: 25km, double bank, 33 pools
Average Catches: 5 year average 1.226 salmon
Rods: 4-6.
Guides: Compulsory (2 rods to one guide).
Lodge: Full service or self catering option.
Notes: Guide cost excluded




Over the years, Laxá í Dölum’s reputation as one of the great international Atlantic salmon fishing destinations has grown steadily. As its fame grew, it became popular with a priviledged group of famous public figures. Golf champion Jack Nicklaus or astronaut Neil Armstrong are just two examples of the numerous famous personlities that have fished its waters.

Year after year, this river has placed among the best in Iceland both in terms of total annual catch and in terms of captures per rod day. The total 10 year annual average catch is 1.226 salmon during an 80 day season.

The bulk of these fish are salmon ranging from 5 to 12 pounds, although every season fish in the 18 to 20 pound range are caught here.

The river is located in the northwest, a short distance from the village Búdardalur, about 150 km (95 miles) from Reykjavik. The river flows through the valley Laxárdalur and empties into the Hvammsfjördur bay. Laxá í Dölum is divided into two to three sections fished by two rods each. In total they amount to 25 kiometers of fishable waters including 33 named pools with fabulous fly water.

Pretty much all of the pools offer easy access by four wheel drive vehicles, much to the delight of fishermen who prefer avoiding long hikes on difficult terrain to get to the fishing. Flowing through a wide valley, the lower river offers a number of ideal pools for hitching.

Pools such as Kristnipollur or Svarfhólsstadagrjot are favorites of visiting fly fishermen. In contrast, in its upper stretches the river narrows considerably requiring fishermen to employ a variety of technics.

Generally the best dates to fish Laxá í Dölum fall between mid July until the end of the season. However, the moments of best fishing are determined more water conditions than by tides or specific dates. That said, even during ver low water conditions, Laxá í Dölum continues producing captures.