Location: 70km west of Reykjavik.
Season: 12 July - 8 September.
Prime time: Late July - Late August.
Extent: 6km, double bank, 21 pools.
Average Catches: 5 year 105. 
Rods: 2.
Guides: Available.
Lodge: Full service, gourmet meals.
Notes: 69cm and bigger are released.




Tunguá is the main tributary of Grimsá, entering it at pool 6o, 30 kilometers up from the outlet of Grimsá into the White River. It is a spate river and the water level is often very low in long periods of dry weather. It is passable for salmon for the first 10 kilometers, even if it is not very productive. The average catch is close to 100 fish.
The Tunguá is very valuable for the Grimsá system as spawning and rearing grounds for fry and smolts. It is also used for the enhancing programs of VGT. Every year the River Association releases 25 000 fingerlings of local stock into the Tunguá atop of the falls, where it does not interfere with the natural fry, hatced on the passable parts of the river


Pictures from Tunguá