Krossá on Skarðströnd


Location: 218 km. from Reykjavik.
Season: 1 July - 25 September.
Prime time: Mid July - late August.
Length: 12.4km, 44 marked pools.
Average Catch: 5 year, 245 Salmon.
Rods: 2.
Guides: Available.
Lodge: Self catering.



The surroundings around Krossa river is truly spectacular with small bushes and shrubs with berries and a magnificent view over Breidafjord. The river is rather small and requires gentle approach when fishing. Krossa river runs through valley Villingardal and is 12.4km long. This neat little river has 40 marked pools that vary from fast and shallow to slow and deep. There is a trail to all pools but the top beat requires 4x4 jeep. The summer of 2010 the catch was 254 Salmon but keep in mind that there is a quota in place or 4 Salmon a day pr. rod or 16 Salmon for both rods for two days.


Pictures from Krossá