Final score for Grimsa and Laxa in Kjos

The south/west coast rivers did not have a good season this year. Laxa in Kjos and Grimsa just passed 600 salmon for the 90 days season. Poor runs of grilse are the reason for this outcome, but it seems like the smolts did not go out to sea in the cold spring of 2015. As a result, double amount of smolts left our rivers this spring, expecting to show up as grilse in the 2017 season. We had very high average weight in 2016. Good runs of MWS fish in June and beginning of July kept anglers busy throughout the season, with largest ones being over one meter. Kjos had very good runs of sea-trout, and hundreds of fish up to 17 pounds landed. Over all. Not a good season. Laxa in Kjos had a drop from 1.400 salmon to 601 and Grimsa 1400 salmon to 606. We are expecting a very good one next year as it seems we are seeing two age groups of smolts overlapping .

From Hofsa

The fishing on the Hofsa has been slow this year. But we are seeing large fish, and yesterday a fish of 104 cm was caught on beat 7. Hofsa is up to 440 salmon today, September 5th.

Laxa in Dolum over 1000 salmon

Laxa in Dolum has been very good this summer. Today we went over 1000 salmon for total for the 4-6 rods fishing. We still have this month to fish, and if we get good conditions we will get close to last years total of 1.400 salmon. There are large salmon being caught - and lost. Biggest one up to date is 22 pounds from Gislakvorn and 20 pounds from Kristnipollur. Large salmon was lost on Wednesday when angler played a monster for 2 hours and 15 minutes in Hofdafljot. The fish was lost in landing.

Laxa in Kjos so far...

The fishing on the Kjos is better than last year. We are 60 salmon ahead compared to last years statistics. The difference now is that fish is spread all over the system and average weight is much higher than in previous years. We have good number of fish between 80 and 95 cm in the river. Anglers are seeing the first signs of grilse and large sea-trout, and the meadows are now building up with large sea-trout in the 5-12 lbs range.